WELCOME TO Our Academy

Qatar Black Belt Academy is committed to inspiring both children and adults through fun,active and safe experiences. So no matter if you're new to karate , want to lose weight, get fit or have future aspirations to become a world champion in karate, we've got something for you.

What We Do ?

is a dynamic explosive and highly rewarding martial art that combines physical fitness with mental and spiritual training . ideal for all ages and abilities it has something to offer everyone. if you want sport and competition, karate can offer this if you want to know what it feels like to break a stack of tiles, karate can offer this. But above all, when you begin your karate journey, you are throwing down a challenge to your mind, body and spirit -a challenge that will build strenght of character and help you to overcome your fears. It is a challenge that will ultimately prove to shape your life


The instructor

Samir  Ahmed  was born on July 25 1969 , in Alexandria , Egypt   is a full-time professional teacher of self- defense , karate and fitness . He holds a 6th Dan Black Belt in 


 karate Shotokan style   from World Karate Federation  and  WKF Certified kumite coach  , Also he has  considerable  experience in Academic Training for Children .



EGY  Dan  Grades   Awarded


Shodan     1st Dan       September 1990


Nidan        2nd  Dan     October  1992    


Sandan     3rd Dan        April 1995


Yondan     4th Dan        March 2003


Godan      5th Dan        September  2009 


Rokudan      6th Dan        August  2016  


WKF  Dan  Grades  Awarded


Godan  -   5th Dan    February   2010  ( France )

Rokudan  -   6th Dan    october   2016  ( Austria )


WKF Certified kumite coach  02-NOV-2014   ( German )

WKF Certified kumite Judge  12-NOV-2015  ( Jakarta )